Male Minority Mentoring - Men Making Moves (M3)

Male Minority Mentoring -  Men Making Moves (M3)

Minority Male Mentoring conference

For the last five years, Cleveland Community College has received a grant from the North Carolina Community College System to assist in increasing graduation and success rates of at least 25 minority male students each year. CCC established a group called Men Making Moves (M3) to make sure this happens! Under the direction of Mr. Jerret Fite, MMM Success Coach, the goal of students involved with MMM is to enhance the advancement of minority males in our college and community. 

Bruce Mack, Director of Corporate Training and former MMM Coach says, "This program has been rewarding on so many levels and not just for the students but also for the folks who have come forward to mentor these young men. It is amazing to watch their transformation when they are given personal support."

The goal of M3 is to retain at least 60-65% of minority male students from fall to fall by providing them with increased academic and personal support. In addition, cultural enrichment and college tour activities are provided for students in the M3 program. Recent events include trips to tour four-year university and college campuses around the state as well as attend cultural events at the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center in Charlotte. "The cultural aspect of M3 is just as important to our students," says Mack. "Many of them would never be awarded these opportunities without it." 

To apply for M3, click on Mentee Application. Please bring your completed Mentee application to the Student Success Center, or contact Mr. Jerret Fite for more information. 704-669-4111 or

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